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Media Conversions

Convert, Restore and Enjoy

We understand how important your digital files are to you. WaCu is passionate about creating, converting and restoring memories. All your conversions are preformed in house and are handled with the up most respect and care. We offer competitive prices and the highest quality conversions available. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. All digital files are processed in a safe environment and we guarantee that your data will remain private and confidential.


25¢/GB with a minimum rate of $10 plus the cost of the storage type (

~ CD's = $3 per disk       

~ DVD's = $5 per disk

~ Cost  of USB drive's, Memory Cards and Hard Drives are variable and you can supply your own

Minimum fee of $10 may apply


Price based on the total length of footage on all tapes combined @ $10/Hr. Extra copies of disks are $5.00 each.

Formats Excepted:     

~ VHS, VHS-C, 8mm/ Hi8, MiniDV, Betamax

~ Audio Cassette, Records


All slides & negatives are scanned one at a time, each image is reviewed and restored using a variety of techniques including colour correction and dust removal. Our prices are based on the resolution you choose and the total number of photos. 

All Sizes up to 8X10 (per print)

      ~ 300dpi = 19¢

      ~ 600dpi = 35¢

      ~ 1200dpi = 55¢

Prices for 35mm, Super 35mm,  126 & 110 Format Slides and Negatives. 

      ~ 1200dpi = 25¢ each

      ~ 2400dpi = 45¢ each

      ~ 4800dpi = 89¢ each

Price for 127 Format Slides

      ~ 1200dpi = 35¢ each

      ~ 2400dpi = 55¢ each

      ~ 4800dpi = 99¢ each

Price for 120 Full Format Slides 

     ~ 1200dpi = 99¢ each

      ~ 2400dpi = $1.19 each

      ~ 4800dpi = $1.39 each

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